Some Captured History of Glanamman and Garnant

Cynghordy Farm, Garnant

Cynghordy Farm, Garnant, 1958.

The above photograph was taken when a farm auction was held at Cynghordy in 1958. It was owned by the Price family at that time.

"Cynghordy" means "House of meeting." This old farm house is situated on the northern side of the Amman Valley at Garnant and is reputed to have been used as a court house in the 17th or 18th century. The stories associated with Cynghordy Farm are rather macabre; one of which tells of hangings taking place at the hanging tree near Tregynllaeth Farm, while another legend states that Cynghordy had its own gallows over a lime pit. When the ghastly procedure had taken place, the rope suspending the deceased person would be cut, allowing the body to be consumed by the lime pit below.

Some people say that Cynghordy Farm is haunted by the souls of the condemned. A former resident who resided at Cynghordy for 20 years, however, informs me that she never witnessed any supernatural events of any kind at the farm.

Thanks to Elizabeth and Roger Morris for the photograph of Cynghordy Farm, 1958. Other sources include "Welsh Place-names and Their Meanings", by Dewi Davies.

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