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Cymdeithas Hanes Dyffryn Aman

It must be noted that this site has no connection with the Cymdeithas Hanes Dyffryn Aman. It is, however, fitting, that the society is remembered for the many articles they documented during the lifetime of the society; many of which have been used as a reference for the information on this site.

The Society was formed when the warden of Glanamman Community Centre, Mrs Edwina Evans, caused people whom she believed to be interested in local history, to come together for a meeting on 29th January, 1982. Thirty people were present at the Inaugural meeting; their names are as follows:

Name: Where From:
S. Llewellyn Garnant
L. Turrington Garnant
C. Jones Garnant
M. M. Jones Garnant
E. Evans Garnant
Miriam James Garnant
C. J. Williams Garnant
G. Jones Garnant
M. Thomas Garnant
M. Sweeney Garnant
H. Llewelyn Glanamman
H. J. Bowen Glanamman
M. H. Bowen Glanamman
E. Jenkins Glanamman
D. Jenkins Glanamman
M. Watkins Glanamman
W. P. Evans Glanamman
I. J. Evans Glanamman
B. S. Jones Glanamman
C. James Glanamman
M. James Glanamman
A. Evans Glanamman
H. Owen Glanamman
D. Owen Glanamman
D. Evans Glanamman
C. Evans Penybanc
E. Evans Penybanc
M. C. Evans Penybanc
G. Jones Betws
T. Morgan Pontamman

The elected officers were as follows:

Chairman Mr Howel Llewelyn
Vice-Chairman Mr Walter Pryse Evans
Secretary Mr David Evans
Treasurer Mr Eynon Jenkins


Mrs Edwina Evans (Press Officer)
Mr Trevor Morgan  
Mrs Sheila Llewellyn  
Mrs Mary M. Jones  
Mrs Linda Turrington (Minutes Secretary)
Miss Meriel Thomas  
Miss Michelle Sweeney (Press Cuttings)
Miss Moira C. Evans (Editor)
Mr Harold Bowen  
Mr Graham Jones (Librarian)

The original name which was agreed for the society was "Dyffryn Aman Historical Society". This was, however, changed at the first committee meeting to "Cymdeithas Hanes Dyffryn Aman", which translates as "Amman Valley History Society." Glanamman G.P., Dr D. H. Davies, was nominated as President and Dr. Huw Walters (Blib Phd FSA), later became Honorary President.

The logo adopted by the society was an adaptation of a crest on a piece of broken china, which was found in the village. It is possible that the found item was originally from a shop which used to be at Osborne House, known locally as "Mrs Evans Siop Y Lamb."

The collier and farm girl are clear representations of the industrial and rural history of the area, with the boars head representing the "Twrch Trwyth"; said to have been hunted through the Amman Valley by King Arthur and his warriors in the story; "Culhwch ac Olwen", one of the "Mabinogion" stories.

On 23rd May, 1986, Mrs Gwen Davies, who was then the society's secretary, was awarded with the British Empire Medal for services to the community. The History Society was chosen to host the presentation, which was held at Cwm Rhuddan Mansion restaurant, Llandovery. Mrs Davies was presented with her medal by the Queen's representative; the Lord Lieutenant of Dyfed, Mr David Mansel Lewis who was accompanied by his wife, Lady Mary.

Although the society is no longer in existance, copies of the newsletters, containing both interesting and varied historical articles, are preserved at the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth.

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