The Garnant Colliery Disaster

In Memory of the Ten

who died at Garnant Colliery, known locally as Pwll Perkins, on Wednesday morning on the 16th January 1884.

Er Cof am y Deg

a cyfarfyddasant a'u diwedd trwy doriad rhaff Pwll y Garnant ar bore Dydd Mercher ar 16 fed o Ionawr 1884.

Time Passed Since Disaster

Time Passed Since The Disaster:


Information on this site has been taken from the following sources:

Inspector of Mines Report 1884-85, Western Mail, Carmarthen Journal, Colliery Guardian, The Welshman, The Cambrian, Tarian Y Gweithiwr, Llanelly Guardian, Census Reports and of course, some hearsay from local people. All the information is correct to the best of my knowledge. Please note that this site is being constantly updated as and when I am able to obtain further information. If you have any contributions or information, my contact details are available within the home page of this site.

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