Some Captured History of Glanamman and Garnant

Stepney Road, Garnant

Stepney Road, early 1900's

The above image looks in an easterly direction along Stepney Road, Garnant with the junction of Cowell Road on the near right. Local people have been known to say "if you ride your bike down Cowell Road, you'll end up in the house at the bottom" due to it's steep incline.

A descendant of the Stepney family was one of the main landowners in Cwmamman. The Stepney-Gulston family owned Derwydd, while Baronet John Cowell-Stepney (1791-1877) owned substantial lands in Carmarthenshire, including Llanelli House, though he chose not to live there. He allowed the construction of many new streets, shops and houses on his land in an attempt to boost his income and chose many of the street names at Llanelli. It may therefore be the case that Stepney and Cowell Roads at Garnant were named by the landowner himself after himself.

The story of the Baronets Stepney can be found on the Wikipedia website.

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