Some Captured History of Glanamman and Garnant

Other Areas: Gellimanwydd, Ammanford c.1915

Picture shows churchyard before headstones were moved.

Gellimanwydd is the oldest chapel in Ammanford, dating back to 1782. It was also known as "Cross Inn Chapel"; Ammanford having been originally named "Cross Inn until 1880." When this Independent chapel was rebuilt in 1836, it was renamed "Christian Temple", as it was expected that the chapel would eventually become anglicised. Today, Welsh is the predominant medium for the services and congregation.

In 1865, the chapel was extended, with the vestry being added in 1882.

Below is a list of some who have ministered at the chapel up to 1981:

1782 - 1821
0John Davies
1811 - 1859
0Rhys Powell
1859 - 1878
0John Davies (Cwmamman)
1880 - 1883
0Timothy Eynon Davies
1884 - 1910
0Isaac Cynwyd Evans
1915 - 1965
0Dr. D. Tegfan Davies
1966 - 1981
0Derwyn Morris Jones
1981 - 7777
0Dewi Myrddin Hughes

Some of the above information was taken from the "program of events", to commemorate the 200th anniversary in May 1982.

See also Terry Norman's website which holds a comprehensive history of the Chapel.

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