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Coronation Road Cricket Team

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This photograph dates to c.1949. Move the mouse over the image for the names.

The above photograph was taken at a time when "every street had their own cricket team". The matches took place at the Cwmamman Recreation Ground, Garnant. It is believed that the Coronation Road team lasted for approximately seven years. All but two of the above players resided on Coronation Road, Garnant. The man at the back left (Will Carver) in the collar was not a clergyman, but was known for his sense of humour and wore the collar as part of a joke. It is said that whilst on a trip with the team, Will was greeted by a real clergyman who took it upon himself to dine and entertain him for the day, unaware that his collar was a fake!

Thanks to Nevin Anthony for the above image and information.

Will Carver Dai Jones Harold Davies Tim Price Jacki Harris Viv Carver Bert Alderton Freddy Morgan Will Jenkins Evan Davies Howell Jones Danny Williams Cyril Davies Norman Bevan Glan Jones Harold Boal


Gerald Bothwell Hazel Harris Mair Gregory Will Harris, Hazel's Father Pamela Michael Dawn Hall Thelma Poyda, Hazel's sister