Amman Valley Artifacts and Memorabilia

Mussard and Son's Bottle

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The embossed text on this old glass bottle states: "Mussard & Sons Swansea and Glanamman".

The old green tinted glass contains numerous air bubbles, having been hand blown and has a screw thread on the inside of the neck. Although little is known of Mussard and Sons, it is possible that it is the same Mussard family of "Mussard & Clark of Swansea and Port Talbot".

There was a sweet and pop factory at Corner House, Glanamman Square in the early 20th Century and again it is possible that it may have held a franchise to make ginger beer for Mussard and Sons. The shop and pop factory at Corner House was owned by David Walters, who also had a bowling alley behind his house. The house was situated next to Bryn Seion Chapel in the location of what is today an electricity transformer.

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